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Support Plans

SupportOnce you agree to take service from Reva, you call to our Help Desk. Whenever you have a problem or question, simply give us a call or submit your query for our web. Our Technician will receive your issue and will start working on an effective solution, while you keep track of all the progress through your account by email.

We offers you various affordable services plans to provide you prompt & quick services as your per need.

Our technicians must have great customer service skills with depth technical knowledge and respond promptly to service calls.

Benefits of Maintenance Plans :

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Regular Virus and Spyware Scans
  • Event Log is Checked for Potential Problems
  • Error Messages are Analyzed and Prevented
  • System Recommendations based on Client Needs
  • Low Monthly Cost
  • Machine performance testing
  • Priority Service
  • Any New Software installations & reinstallations.
  • Free Remote Support
  • Discounts on Onsite Repairs
  • Technicians Assigned to Your Business
  • Same-Day Service Included at No Additional Charge

RS (Remote Service)

Remote SupportWhen you have a service technician who is diagnosing and fixing problems remotely via the Internet, Their job is to assist you with problems that can be resolved remotely. This eliminates the need for a technician to go on-site. We provide you free remote support for first year.

We offer online remote computer repair or technical support plans for your home, office computers. we have a budget remote support plan to suit every need.

CVP (Call basis Visit Plan)

Always have a Reva Technician you can call to solve your needs. Technicians need to be especially efficient at fixing problems. These technicians are highly respected for their knowledge of computers as well as their ability to work with clients. This service is for call basis visit Service, one on-site visit includes fixing of all computer problems as they happen is a time consuming task.

MMP (Monthly Maintenance Plan)

MMP is monthly maintenance plan, technicians is charge monthly to maintaining your computer. Our technician performs the updates, error log checking, virus and spyware scans. With the overall performance testing and future update with guidelines

SVP (Specialists Visit Plan)

When it comes to fixing complicated network issues, setting up business servers, exchange servers or anything involving a multi-user system where stability, security and uptime are of utmost importance, a Specialist has the qualifications to get the job done.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

AMC is an Annual maintenance plan, technicians serve you to maintain your computer throughout the year. Our technician performs visit at your site for any updates, error log checking, virus and spyware scans, any New Software installations & reinstallations With the overall performance testing and future update with guidelines & Free Remote Support .

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